Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Travel Diary: Je t'aime Paris (Part 1)

Day 1
Our train to Paris was delayed for roughly 20 minutes. The queue to check-in wasn’t that bad, the security was just very tight. Despite the delay, which was quite acceptable due to the amount of passengers that day, Eurostar didn’t disappoint. Our seats were comfortable enough—near the toilet and the restaurant was located in the coach next to ours. The train left just before 10am (BST).

It’s amazing how the Euro tunnel was built. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the continents were connected and accessible by underground trains? A wanderlust could dream!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Sunday Currently | 10

And so the first month of 2016 is almost over! I have to say that the start of my year has been crammed down by work and, well, my daily activities. A quick recap of this month—I got a new job and passed my driving theory test☺︎(what a great way to start the year, eh?) Life lately has kept me oblivious of how quick the time zoomed into today. I like it. Being busy makes me forget all my anxieties.

I am currently...

Reading I'm still trying to finish reading Me Before You & The Time Traveller. I'm utterly occupied these days that I couldn't even afford devouring a good book before I sleep or during my lunch break.

Writing this post (?)

Listening to a lot of noises coming from our telly, my lil sister's iPad (who is currently watching Minecraft videos on YouTube) and my other sister's iPad (by the sound of it, she is watching random Korean videos).

Thinking of what I could get my mother for her birthday next week. Any suggestions? You see, it's so hard to think of a thing to get someone who practically has everything.

Smelling burning vanilla frosting Yankee candle

Wishing it snows tomorrow; the kind of snow that will prevent me from getting to work hahahaha 

Hoping that all my travel plans this year push through... 

Wearing a polka-dotted pink robe

Loving the results of my new skincare routine

Needing a quick get away

Wanting a new pair of Adidas Superstar trainers

Feeling sleepy 

**The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton** 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Sunday Currently | 09

Good morning! Today I am coming to you from my cozy bedroom. How have you been? I hope the new year is being kind to you. The first half of this month turned out to be pretty good for me. I started to practice new habits (good & healthy ones) which I hope I am able to keep throughout the year *fingers crossed*. More importantly, I was offered a position at an insurance company. I started  working last week. Officially an office girl working from 9-5, how fascinating!

I am currently…

Reading Me Before You & The Time Keeper simultaneously 

Writing on my journal

Listening to Woman by Rosie Lowe. 

❝ I have analysed every single inch of my skin
And comparisons I can't seem to break in my daily routine
I, I, I found myself obsessive with imperfections that only I see
(Break free) and I know it's such a waste, but the pressure is getting to me
(I don't expect you to understand)

It never knows what is like to be a woman
It never knows what is like to be a girl 

Thinking — Motivation is key in every thing we do but it is fleeting. Thereby, find new motivation every now and then to keep you on track!

Smelling my favourite perfume: Givenchy Very Irresistible

Wishing for a milder weather next week... 

Hoping — Given a new opportunity, I am hoping that I won’t mess up again, just like how I incredibly screwed up every opportunity that came my way last year. 

Wearing pjs

Loving how my tiny room is slowly coming together

Needing a new pair of black trousers 

Wanting to go on a day trip to London to visit Sky Garden!!!

Feeling well-rested (and hungry too). I hadn't have sufficient sleep in a while to function optimally. :))

**The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton** 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Sunday Currently | 08

Before anything else, I'd like to greet you all a very happy new year! Recovering from all the festivities in the last couple of weeks is a formidable hurdle to start 2016 right. My advice is (this applies to myself too) — get your head on straight and keep a positive mindset. Get up and just do it. Anyway, can you believe it's already 2016? Where did time go? I had a fair share of ups and downs with 2015. I graduated (eventually joined the unemployed-graduates-club), met new people & made some friends for keeps, travelled, started driving lessons... and the list of firsts continues. I also made some bad decisions, but even so, it only made me wiser, braver and 2016-ready! 2015 was a truly memorable chapter in my life, so, bring it 2016!!!

First Sunday Currently entry of 2016! Here we go. 

I am currently...

Reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I haven't been reading much lately and it displeases me. I have stacks of unread books lying beneath my bed (plus some stored in my kindle), most of which I have had since I don't know when. I miss spending late nights devouring a good book, so, I decided to get back to it. One book per month is not that hard to keep, I guess.

Writing none at the moment (but I promised to keep a diary this year)

Listening to Antidote by Travi$ Scott. Also, I've been enjoying a few kpop songs lately. 

Thinking Where can I buy air plants in the UK? They don't have them in any Homebase store near me.

Smelling burning spiced orange candle

Wishing I get to keep some (if not all) of my new year’s resolution.

Hoping for a better year.

Wearing I just woke up so I'm still in my nightwear.

Loving My new throw blankets! I’ve never felt anything this soft!

Needing a trip to my dentist.

Feeling excited for next week... I don't know why but it's the thought of a fresh startnew beginnings and opportunitiesthat is so exciting and comforting at the same time.


**The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton**